Chinese Wine Market: how does it works ?

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K2_LENS_CREATED_DATE: 26 January 2017

China vs Hong kong

To understand China, we have to look at Hong Kong; the differences between China and Hong Kong are quite important and of course, as Hong Kong is a very complex and crowded market, it is also well developed therefore the amount of wines we can find in there is very important. On top of it, Hong Kong is the door that almost all the importers open to enter in the “green” Chinese market.

Why should we look at HK in the first place ?


Hong kong is a very open market, being under British controlled for many years it has developed a more western mindset, ready to embrace and mix Chinese colture and Western colture easily, inlcuding the Wine colture.

Many trade shows are held in Hong Kong and also there are many chances to meet the producers, who are invited by the importers / distributors to attend different exhibitions or events.

In China, on the other hand, there is only the Decanter wine encounter that sees the wineries directly involved with the consumers (the best wine exhibition so far).Pro Wine Shanghai is hosted in the prestigious The Ritz Carlton, New Pudong District and held by Decanter every year at the end of November, where the best and most prestigious wines sold in China are reunited together to allow wine professionals, F&B / Hospitality professionals, Importers to taste and exchange their thoughts, expand their network and ….. sales. The other 3 most important Wine Exhibitions are in Chengdu, Shanghai - ProWine and in Beijing - Top wine. The wine market is highly fragmented and not knowledgable at all.


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