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    Montesomma Vesuvio: Catalanesca explosion of taste

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    Deep color, exciting smell, strong and mineral scent, whites wines from volcanic territory absorb all peculiarity of these unique soils and they offer once-off wines.
    In the article we will talk about in particular of wines from Vesuvio area because they are, enjoying consumers’ patronage who are delighted every bit of it.
    The success of their taste is attributable to kind of terroir rich in minerals like potassium for a positive influence for grape’s sugar content and like phosphorus for wine’s freshness.
    They are surprising and never granted whit a complexity that does not end at typical salty feeling and between wines of this area, small companies that enhance territory of origin because of their excellence must pay special attention to the ones product.
    When we are going down Wine Route of Vesuvio we arrive at Pollena Trocchia, a city in the province of Naples which host the wine-producing holdings Monte Somma Vesuvio.
    Monte Somma complex is an integral part of Vesuvio area and it presents a unique terroir consist of lava and sand; untied and powdery soils formed by solidification over the years of stratified lava.

    The sun kisses intensely the lands that have enviable microclimate ideal for Catalanesca imported by Alfonso D’Aragona in the middle of 1400.
    Then and now this vine variety from white acquires from this territory all complexity and mineralogy which burst lively in the glass.
    Monte Somma Vesuvio is a firm situated on slopes of the Vesuvio and it produces interesting white wines with Catalanesca grape fall under Igp.
    These wines are able to transport the connoisseur through this evocative volcanic territory only by perfume.
    A real discovery for people who try this wine for first time.
    My wine tasting starts to coquer this indigenous vine variety that is able to take on the barrique ageing and that is not a common feature for white wines.
    Catalanesca 100% also for “passito” a real meditation wine… three products with different personality and development even if they coming from the same wine grape variety.
    Català catalanesca IGP of monte somma 2012
    Single-variety Catalanesca
    It stand three months in steel tanks and it complete the improvement in bottle.  
    Visual examination: golden yellow with slightly green reflections.
    Olfactory examination: At noise, it smells like whiteheart fruits, pleasant sweet floral and a lively mineral flavor, which reminds lava stone.
    Flavor examination: In mouth, persistent savoury taste with vegetable overtones.
    Català IGP catalanesca of monte somma Linea Silver 2012
    Single-variety Catalanesca
    I want to stress that this vine faces barrique ageing with excellent results giving long-lived wine. In this case, it stands three months in steel tanks and it complete the improvement in bottle.  
    Visual examination: At first glance, the color is golden yellow.
    Olfactory examination: Immediately at noise, taste of roast with a fumè background, which stand over fruit perfume. There is a pleasant hint of mineral.
    Flavor examination: In mouth, the sapidity and wine body guide us in an almond persistence.
    Torre merlata Catalanesca IGP of monte somma
    Single-variety Catalanesca also in passito version and the natural drying process takes place in the crenellated tower, which is company, owned.
    It improves twelve months in barrique and two in bottle.   
    Visual examination: Amber yellow color whit intact golden reflections
    Olfactory examination: At noise, it discloses not too sweet and ripe grape smells which remain around delicate hint of honey of acacia united with savoury candy of barley. These intense perfumes are unable to overshadow the recurrent mineral smell.
    Flavor examination: In mouth, it gives us soft and pleasant feeling prolonged in persistence.
    Catalanesca, Catalana or Catalana grapes.
    Montesomma has found way to create three products absolutely to taste, white wines with inside sun.

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