Michele Franchi

Michele Franchi


Gewurztraminer: the continuing challenger

K2_LENS_PUBLISHED_IN White and rosé wines
K2_LENS_CREATED_DATE 02 April 2015


Someone says Alsazia, someone else Temeano, in the province of Bolzano, Italy. Actually its name appeared for the first time in “Buch der nature” by Megenberg who was Cathedral Canon of Regensburg, a town in Franconia. Anyway, what we are speaking about?
We are surely speaking about a vine variety that doesn’t like hot temperature, in fact it is very widespread in Alto Adige and in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
It has a constant productivity but never excessive, it has a small leaf and a grey-rose coloured grape. But above all we are speaking about an aromatic grapes variety! FRIENDS CALL IT GEWURZ! As well as Malvasia wine, Muscat or Brachetto, the aromatic Traminer (or Gewurztraminer indeed) has a marked and pleasant presence of primary aromas typical of this grape variety.

Rosè, are they second class wines?

K2_LENS_PUBLISHED_IN White and rosé wines
K2_LENS_CREATED_DATE 13 March 2015

This is the best time all-year for tasting them as best we can.
I’m talking about rosè wines, a mixed blessing  of Italian enology.
They represent a small market share and they are considered, in an unfair manner,  “second class” wine, although they belong to our local tradition.
They have always been present in Italian tables, from the rosè wines of Salento made by Negramaro grapes to the Cerasuoli d’Abruzzo wines made by Montepulciano grapes.
At the beginning of the summer, the rosè wines, with their coral red hues, so rosy and cherry-colored, “cerasa” as said in local dialect of Abruzzo from which the name “Cerasuolo”, with their soft smell and their high freshness on the palate, can easily combined with your light summer dinner.


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