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PROGRIGIO: It is NOT Prosecco !

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I got up this morning, had my good breakfast and checking my emails and some news about the world of wine when i stumbled upon this article written in the , that says that ASDA, a famous supermarket Chain in UK, launched a new Sparkling wine called PROGRIGIO ( JESUS CHRIST) "the fizz is made from Glera and Pinot Grigio grapes grown in the “Italian Mediterranean” and described as a “fresh, floral and aromatic wine balanced by citrus fruits, white peaches and minerality”;

This sounds like an high quality Byodinamic DOCG Valdobbiadene prosecco Superiore !


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My first reaction on this was " ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?".

But the article keeps going saying " On its latest sparkling addition, Asda wine buyer Jack Clayton said the idea was to keep it “very much Italian” with the same taste profile as Prosecco." 


Come on guys.....

“Prosecco has been hugely successful and as demand increases, pricing, in turn, has gone up, so everyone has been looking at what the next sparkling wine could be,” said Clayton. “Progrigio is tapping into that.”


Sales of sparkling wine continue to grow globally, and have risen by 80% in the UK in the past five years, according to figures released by HM Revenue and Customs last year. The vast majority of that volume has been driven by Prosecco.

The point here is that people have to find another cheap " Prosecco " which will end up being called " Prosecco" actually ( sure ) just to give something fizzy , cheap, to the masses with the name of prosecco, as usual, been compared with this " Fizzy soft drink " wines .

“The reason why Prosecco is so successful is because it’s very easy drinking, and appeals to the mass market,” added Clayton. “Champagne can be dryer, but Prosecco is a bit sweeter. This [Progrigio] has got that and the easy drinking appeal that Pinot Grigio has.”

WOW, so let me understand this : you think that prosecco is kind of sweet.... and Champagne dry ... Good statement.... 

This entry-level sparkler is made in the same way as Prosecco, through tank fermentation, and retails at just £5 a bottle. Asda currently sells Prosecco for between £6 and £11.

“Prosecco has become this big brand, it’s a go-to and sometimes people don’t look past that,” said Clayton. “This is not Prosecco but actually it’s a good alternative to Italian sparkling and it should be more affordable.”

You made up a wine with the complicity of a "bandit", blending some low quality grapes selling this saying in the label " PREMIUM ITALIAN SPARKLING WINE "; what "PREMIUM" stands for ? that bottle costs 1,5 euro, maybe , if not less.... Do the consumers understand what they are really drinking ?  

Its launch follows a warning from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) of imminent price hikes in the cost of Champagne and Prosecco, due to the combined impact of Brexit, inflation and alcohol duty.

Research carried out by the WSTA concluded that the cost of a bottle of Prosecco could go up by 59 pence in the UK next year, and Champagne by as much as a £1.

Yeah, 50 Pence - 1 pound per bottle is a VERY BIG DEAL . When it comes to Prosecco, i am always in the first line to try to defend this product from jackals, bandits, speculators and ignorance, but also when they try to pass off a " QUALITY PRODUCT " when it is not. 

People, try to have common sense and try not to use the " How much " to drink attitude, but " What to drink" mentality.


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