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USA Market, Prosecco in head

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Taken back on the market Usa of the Italian wine in the first three months of the year

The market USA is reducing the import of wine, the export Italian of wine only in the first quarter of this year it has established the threshold of the 576mila hl, with a 1 clean advancement ,3% in comparison to the same period of the 2014. I
n value altogether it has reached 316 million dollars, with a 6,7% positive sign around 296 million of one year ago.
Very well also the export of the sparkling wines, Prosecco in head, increased of 36% in quantity and of 16,6% in value, dictating in worth on the incidence of the offer made in Italy on the American market to 59,4% in quantity and to 31,8% in value.

Everything this in worth to a collapse of the importations of wine Usa that, according to what it has been recorded from one note of the Italian wine & food institutes (Iwfi), have so accumulated in the period a sign minus is in quantity (-9,5% to few more than two million hectoliters) both in value (-3,3 to 883 million dollars). 
Very ample reductions, and to do its expenses they have been really some among the principal countries third competing, as Australia (-20,7%, in volume), Argentina (-26), Chile (-15,5).
Some the reasons, to begin from a to go some inside question I pour some domestic wines, as also from possible choices that in the last times it has privileged wines imported of more elevated band, behaving some punishments so the loose wines of importation and, in special way those coming from Australia (-43%) and South America: Argentina (-43) and Chilean (-26). Subject apart for the export of France that, as Italy, stirs in quantitative growth.
Nevertheless the exports of the octagon are more marked in volume, having totaled in the three months in matter 193mila hectoliters, with a more 7% in comparison to the data of the first three months 2014.
In value, the arithmetic sign transforms him instead, and from a more a becomes less 
(-2,8% to 171,5 million dollars, in comparison to the precedents 176,5).

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