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Gulia Debora Serracchiani meets a Kmečka Zveza delegation's

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Gulia Debora Serracchiani, president of the Friuli Venezia, has decided to meet all the representatives of the association agriculturists Kmecka zveza (Kz), that is driven from Franc Fabec. 

It's made the point on what it is anticipated is from the Protocol that it has been undersigned in 2010 among Office of the agricultural politics, the Region Fvg and the various associations of the agriculturists, but how thin to it has been only today partly realized.

The agriculturists of the Carso have expressed their own disappointment regarding the signature of the Protocol that has been "surrendered" the name of the place of Prosecco, situated on the plateau carsico, transfer of which all the wine-growers of Veneto then have profited.
Regarding this the president has said then the opportunity to want to reopen a comparison with the Office of reference.
The Kz has introduced some applications to the president: the definitive disposition of the Plans of management pearls zones Nature 2000, that have not been shared yet; the financing of the project of rural development in the province in Trieste (Masterplan); the restructuring of the Trieste's mountain with the financings of the Mipaaf on express indication of the Region Fvg; the realization of the Center regarding the promotion of the Prosecco in the homonym place.
"The next arrangement of the regional budget, as the president Serracchiani has declared, it could be the true occasion to decontrol the 1,7 million of European that have been transferred already to the Province in Trieste and to finally begin the setup of the area of the pastinis under the embankment carsico."
To the meeting it has also spoken of the next Program of Rural (PSR) Development 2014-2020, that it will be published in June, and of the possibility to convert the Protocol, that will expire in one year in regional law. 
From the president she has also been insured attention to the execution of the necessary actions to the reactivation of the contacts for the reopening of the Table between the Region and the Office of the agriculture Slovenian.

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