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Recovered 170 year-old old champagne

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Is been recovered some old bottles of champagne than at least 170 years really on board of a wreckage that is sunk in the Baltic one. 

A times brought on board these are been tasted and then analyzed by a group of scientists that they have found again their extremely preserved. The lottery consisted of 168 bottles, that it included Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin, Heidsieck and

Juglar, then it was found again in 2010 to their inside well 50 meters deep, as they specify the French researchers that have tasted her then and you examine with some chemical trials.
"The champagne that we have recovered at first and then made a will has perfectly been preserved, both under the point of view of the chemical composition and under the point of view of the aroma", as ithas been affirmed by a researcher of biochemistry of the university of Reims.

The response has underlined as the nineteenth-century sparkling wine contains some elevated iron concentrations and copper, smaller alcoholic gradation in comparison to the today's (around 9,5% instead that 12,3%) versions and a very sweet taste.

If the first two characteristics depend on the technical differences in the practice of vinification, as it regards the elevated sugary content it could be treated of a well serious choice, that can mirror the tastes of the epoch. In the champions have been recorded a concentration of superior sugar to the 140 grams for liter: to have one possible meter comparison, today inside the more common sweet sparkling wines the value wanders around 80 grams for liter.
The study of the bottles has so allowed to be able to confirm that to the epoch the champagne was decidedly drunk sweetened.
Besides these the heirlooms, the divers have recovered of the beer, also ended it under the lens of enlargement from a second team of researchers.

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