Alessandra Mantia

Alessandra Mantia

( Veneto - Vicenza )

Classe '88. Laureata nel Corso Triennale di Scienze e tecnologie vitivinicole ed enologiche presso l'Università di Verona.
Laureata nel Corso di Laurea Magistrale Interateneo di Scienze vitivinicole ed enologiche di Asti.
Sommelier FISAR di III livello - delegazione di Vicenza.
Amo leggere e soprattutto viaggiare.
Ogni nuova esperienza dovrebbe andare coronata da un buon bicchiere sempre da condividere.

Wine Ruchè Castagnole di Monferrato

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K2_LENS_CREATED_DATE 09 April 2015

Ruché is a middle-premature maturation vine variety (first decade of September). It is a good sugar – battery and it preserves a good amount of malic acid that bestow freshness on wine despite low acidity.
The main feature is the wealth of polyphenols, in the majority tannins, which produce structured wines.
Depending on year, the maceration permits a selective extraction of tannins to obtain balanced wines. Ruché is a semi-aromatic terpene vine variety and in wine Opera Prima there are smells like spices, geranium, rose and ripe fruits. Vine variety Ruché comes from hill area of Castagnole Monferrato, in northeast of Asti.

Montesomma Vesuvio: Catalanesca explosion of taste

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K2_LENS_CREATED_DATE 12 March 2015

Deep color, exciting smell, strong and mineral scent, whites wines from volcanic territory absorb all peculiarity of these unique soils and they offer once-off wines.
In the article we will talk about in particular of wines from Vesuvio area because they are, enjoying consumers’ patronage who are delighted every bit of it.
The success of their taste is attributable to kind of terroir rich in minerals like potassium for a positive influence for grape’s sugar content and like phosphorus for wine’s freshness.
They are surprising and never granted whit a complexity that does not end at typical salty feeling and between wines of this area, small companies that enhance territory of origin because of their excellence must pay special attention to the ones product.
When we are going down Wine Route of Vesuvio we arrive at Pollena Trocchia, a city in the province of Naples which host the wine-producing holdings Monte Somma Vesuvio.
Monte Somma complex is an integral part of Vesuvio area and it presents a unique terroir consist of lava and sand; untied and powdery soils formed by solidification over the years of stratified lava.


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